Michiel Eduard
Born on the 22nd of July, 1981 in The Netherlands Michiel was influenced by his mother who is a classic piano teacher from the city of Leiden and his father who came from Indonesia in the late fifties who once used to be a drummer at a local Indorock band near The Hague named The Tarantula’s.
At the age of 7 Michiel started to study the Violin, Drums, Piano and Guitar.
Michiel entered the music industry in 1999 as an International club DJ for Hip-Hop and R&B and moved to Bali in the year 2001.  In the year 2003 Michiel was signed for 3 years as an artist for Broadcast Design Indonesia in Jakarta where he left in 2004. In 2006 Michiel produced the album for Surabaya’s HipHop band Boogie. The track Superman became a hit in the hit charts of Surabaya. Michiel Eduard’s record label Refresh Productions Indonesia was lauched in 2010. Together with Abdee Negara and Ivanka from the Indonesian rock band Slank Michiel made his first single and video clip as a singer named Laki Laki Paling Gila. Several tracks followed. The latest collaboration was with the Indonesian rock legend Hengky Supit. Together they published the hit single and videoclip of Buktikanlah. Michiel also created a memorial song for the passed away mother of one of his close friends in 2016 named Naluri – Mama.
The latest memorial song was made in Februari 2018. This special project is dedicated to those who lost their lives during World War II in the Dutch-Indies (nowadays Indonesia).  Malaikat was filmed at the Dutch War Cemetery Kembang Kuning in Surabaya.

All of Michiel Eduard’s songs are produced and written by himself in the Indonesian language.